For those of you just showing up, I made a disco re-edit every week for a year, and posted them here for free. You can scroll through each individual entry, or you can download the whole batch as a .zip file: DOWNLOAD LINK

Thanks for taking the time to look, and I hope you enjoy the tracks!

Week 53: Work Your Body

“Work Your Body (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

So I’ve decided that this is going to be the last edit I post on this blog–it’s been a fun year and I’m feeling good that I managed to post something on time every Wednesday, but it’s time to focus on other exciting new things! Thanks so much for taking the time to check in on my lil’ project 🙂

This last edit feels like a fitting way to go out, as it’s something I’ve been playing for a while (and I actually did a juke remix of this track way back when). It’s one in a long line of “_____ your body” dance records: kind of cheesy, but at the same time a total stomper that hits really hard on a dancefloor.

One last thing: I’m happy to announce that some of this year’s edits will be coming out on vinyl soon, so stay tuned to my twitter and facebook for announcements about that!

Week 52: I Don’t Wanna Hear About It

“I Don’t Wanna Hear About It (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

I can’t believe I’ve already been doing this for a year! Not sure what the plan is for next week…should I retire this blog? Keep it going? I probably should’ve thought about this earlier…

Anyway, this week’s edit is one of my favorites recently–I’ve played it at almost every gig for the last few months. It’s a melodramatic Quebecois disco track with kicks and toms reminiscent of house music, and a nice synth breakdown at the end. I took out the cheesy parts, fixed the timing, added some dubby effects, and re-EQed the thing to work on today’s dancefloors.

Week 50: House Inspector

“House Inspector (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

This track was one of the megahits of Belgium’s New Beat scene in the 1980s, and the music is dope but there’s a bunch of samples from the Pink Panther in it that completely ruin it for me. Maybe I’m too young or something? Anyway, here’s the instrumental version that I always wished the 12″ had!

Week 48: This Side Of Midnight

“This Side Of Midnight (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

A lesser-known tune featuring one of disco’s best female vocalists, this track has some great moments interspersed with a lot of corny bits that just don’t make sense on a dancefloor anymore. So I stripped it down into just the rawest, most thumping parts so I’d be able to play it out!

Week 47: Tongue Tied

“Tongue Tied (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

This one is a serious curveball compared to the rest of the edits so far…I took one of my fave early-2000s dance rock records, added some weird glitchy effects business towards the end, and tempo-corrected it so it’s easier to beatmix. Probably not what you’d normally play, but it’s a banger trust me!