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Week 27: Computer Madness

“Computer Madness (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

Sometimes I’ll make an edit to fix a flaw in a song; other times a song is absolutely perfect, but it’s been played so much that you need a new perspective on it. This absolute classic Chicago house tune is in the latter category. It was already a weird track, but I made it weirder (maybe too weird?) I’ve seen this slay on the right dancefloor, but it will seriously scare off the normals.

Week 20: The Ultimate Warlord

“The Ultimate Warlord (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

I’ve always had a soft spot for dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi robot disco, and “The Ultimate Warlord” is one of the big tunes in that hyper-specific sub-sub-sub-genre. That having been said, the original has this super-corny robot vocal that can scare away certain dancefloors. So I made an edit that cuts that part out (but leaves the other, only-slightly-less-corny vocal), extends the instrumental bits, and adds a dubby filter breakdown.