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Week 31: Space Rock

“Space Rock (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

There was a lot of sci-fi space disco that came out of Europe in the late 1970s…some of it was DOPE but most of it kind of felt like novelty records. “Space Rock” is one of those tunes that always had the potential to be a banger, but then had all this unnecessary shit layered on top (string section, sound effects) that made it sound like a theme song to some sci-fi cop show. Also, the drummer’s tempo was so variable that it was excruciating to DJ with. I stripped it back, cut out all the bullshit, and fixed the timing. Glad to finally be able to play this one!

Week 20: The Ultimate Warlord

“The Ultimate Warlord (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

I’ve always had a soft spot for dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi robot disco, and “The Ultimate Warlord” is one of the big tunes in that hyper-specific sub-sub-sub-genre. That having been said, the original has this super-corny robot vocal that can scare away certain dancefloors. So I made an edit that cuts that part out (but leaves the other, only-slightly-less-corny vocal), extends the instrumental bits, and adds a dubby filter breakdown.

Week 17: A Lot More Love

“A Lot More Love (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

Here’s a French euro-disco tune I’ve always loved, with really great synths, a killer horn section, and some holiday-appropriate lovey-dovey sentiments to boot. The original had embarrassing euro-macho-dude verses and a breakdown that zoomed by way too fast, so I stretched out the bits I like and cut out the bits I don’t. Merry Christmas!