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Week 38: South Soul Party Mix

“South Soul Party Mix (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

There’s a funny story behind this record: basically a famous disco producer/arranger had a falling out with the legendary label he helped build (a falling out which happened to coincide with house music blowing up in Europe), so he made some housey soundalike re-recordings of some of his famous backing tracks from said disco label. Anyway, I took the best part from all the different mixes and dubbed it out into something a little more tracky that can work in today’s DJ sets…

Week 27: Computer Madness

“Computer Madness (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

Sometimes I’ll make an edit to fix a flaw in a song; other times a song is absolutely perfect, but it’s been played so much that you need a new perspective on it. This absolute classic Chicago house tune is in the latter category. It was already a weird track, but I made it weirder (maybe too weird?) I’ve seen this slay on the right dancefloor, but it will seriously scare off the normals.

Week 22: I Have A Dream

“I Have A Dream (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

I was gonna put this out last week, but it seemed like kind of a troll to drop a non-MLK-sampling “I Have A Dream” track two days after MLK day. This is a different Chicago house track than the “I Have A Dream” everybody knows, and it’s a totally slept-on ghetto house classicβ€”possibly because it’s super rare and the original pressing sounds like mud. Here’s an extended, re-EQed / remastered edit.