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Week 53: Work Your Body

“Work Your Body (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

So I’ve decided that this is going to be the last edit I post on this blog–it’s been a fun year and I’m feeling good that I managed to post something on time every Wednesday, but it’s time to focus on other exciting new things! Thanks so much for taking the time to check in on my lil’ project πŸ™‚

This last edit feels like a fitting way to go out, as it’s something I’ve been playing for a while (and I actually did a juke remix of this track way back when). It’s one in a long line of “_____ your body” dance records: kind of cheesy, but at the same time a total stomper that hits really hard on a dancefloor.

One last thing: I’m happy to announce that some of this year’s edits will be coming out on vinyl soon, so stay tuned to my twitter and facebook for announcements about that!

Week 37: Contort Yourself

“Contort Yourself (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

This is one of my fave records, but I don’t play it as much as I should because it’s a fucking nightmare to mix (the tempo drifts all over the place, none of the drum breaks are a sensible number of bars, etc.). So I made an edit that is a little more DJ-friendly, beefed up the drums, and dubbed out some bits. If you’re not familiar with this track, it’s a big post-punk / no-wave tune that got reworked by a legendary NYC disco producer. Been playing it a LOT the last couple of weeks and it’s gone over really well…hope it works for you too!

Week 10: Showdown

“Showdown (Chrissy Edit)” β€” DOWNLOAD LINK

Here’s an edit of a tune from one of my fave New York post-punk / disco labels. The singer & producer on this both did a lot of work throughout the disco/punk/new wave/art kid scene that existed in New York in the early 1980s, but this particular song seems to have be a forgotten one. It’s a great seed of a song but there were some parts that hadn’t aged very well, so I took out the dumb bits, extended it, dubbed it out, and structured it to be a little more DJ friendly.