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Week 10: Showdown

“Showdown (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

Here’s an edit of a tune from one of my fave New York post-punk / disco labels. The singer & producer on this both did a lot of work throughout the disco/punk/new wave/art kid scene that existed in New York in the early 1980s, but this particular song seems to have be a forgotten one. It’s a great seed of a song but there were some parts that hadn’t aged very well, so I took out the dumb bits, extended it, dubbed it out, and structured it to be a little more DJ friendly.

Week 2: Change of Mind

“Change of Mind (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

This is one of my all-time fave disco tunes, which itself is a cover of one of the very first disco songs. I first heard it in a Farley Jackmaster Funk mix from WGCI (way way WAY after the mix initially aired, obviously). It’s an AMAZING tune, but the lyrics have not aged well, the structure is kind of a mess, and the tempo is all-over-the-place (live drummers amirite???) So I tidied it up a bit.