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Week 52: I Don’t Wanna Hear About It

“I Don’t Wanna Hear About It (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

I can’t believe I’ve already been doing this for a year! Not sure what the plan is for next week…should I retire this blog? Keep it going? I probably should’ve thought about this earlier…

Anyway, this week’s edit is one of my favorites recently–I’ve played it at almost every gig for the last few months. It’s a melodramatic Quebecois disco track with kicks and toms reminiscent of house music, and a nice synth breakdown at the end. I took out the cheesy parts, fixed the timing, added some dubby effects, and re-EQed the thing to work on today’s dancefloors.

Week 36: Love Machine

“Love Machine (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

You know what I fucking hate? When somebody covers a love song but switches all the pronouns to match their gender, and then the song doesn’t even rhyme anymore, all because they were worried somebody would think they were gay. This record is one of those, and I always avoided it even though its last half spins out into this awesome hi-NRG workout. I decided to finally make a version I could feel happy playing, and gutted almost everything from the song she was covering.

Week 31: Space Rock

“Space Rock (Chrissy Edit)”DOWNLOAD LINK

There was a lot of sci-fi space disco that came out of Europe in the late 1970s…some of it was DOPE but most of it kind of felt like novelty records. “Space Rock” is one of those tunes that always had the potential to be a banger, but then had all this unnecessary shit layered on top (string section, sound effects) that made it sound like a theme song to some sci-fi cop show. Also, the drummer’s tempo was so variable that it was excruciating to DJ with. I stripped it back, cut out all the bullshit, and fixed the timing. Glad to finally be able to play this one!